The Clipper Way

Respect • Responsibility • Ready to Learn


  • Respect each other, and all property to ensure a positive and safe learning environment.
  • Display appropriate behavior according to the Student Handbook at all times.
  • Cooperate with all school personnel.  
  • Use respectful, appropriate language. Avoid using sarcasm, gossip, profanity, or putting down of others.
  • Consume food and drink in the Clipper Galley only.
  • Place all trash and discarded materials in trash cans throughout the day.
  • Move quietly through the building to avoid being a distraction to classrooms along the route.        
  • Display appropriate behaviors that will allow the bus driver to reach each destination safely.


  • Wear proper and acceptable attire to school as defined by WCBOE.  
  • Arrive to school and to every class on time and be ready to work.
  • Take proper care of textbooks, materials, and equipment.
  • Remain on school property during school hours.  
  • Present a note signed by a parent/guardian to explain any absences.
  • Follow WCBOE policies for electronic devices (cell phones, MP3 players, headphones, iPods, games, etc.) from the time you enter the
  • building until dismissal.
  • Exit the building promptly at the ringing of the dismissal bell. Students involved in after school activities must report to that activity by 2:55 p.m. and remain under direct supervision of the staff while in the building.

Ready to Learn

  • Conduct yourself in a manner that allows the teachers to teach, and all students to learn.
  • Strive for success and believe it is possible.
  • Carry all materials needed for each class according to teacher expectations.
  • Utilize a planner for organizing assignments and due dates.
  • Complete and turn in assignments on the due date.
  • Return as quickly as possible whenever out of class in order to maximize learning.