About WJMB

Early each morning, the student run staff of WJMB gather together to produce a morning show.  The morning show is broadcast live to all classrooms during 1st period.  The WJMB staff strives to prepare students for upcoming events, and share successes and challenges that students face in their lives.

Print Journalism / WJMB Prospects

Directions:  In order to be considered for the journalism class offered at JMB, students must complete the following application and return it to Mrs. Webster in E-218 or email it to twebster@wcboe.org by Friday, May 27, 2016.


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What's going on today at JMB?

altRead our JMB Daily News, see the most recent show at right, or check below for the most recent morning shows.

How to join WJMB?

main controlTo make the morning show run every morning requires a diverse array of students and skills.  We need everything from on air smiling personalities, to technical personnel who maintain sound, lighting, and video systems, to creative people who can shoot and produce video, and finally managers who can make sure that at 7:45, the show is ready to go on. 


Mrs. Trenae Webster, Mr. Ben Davis, Mr. Kristopher Quintanna.